How To Use Profile ( DP ) Downloader?

Download Online Instagram Profile (DP) [Full HD] - Gapgram

Save Instagram Profile in a few simple steps


Find Username

Copy the Instagram username whose profile you want to download


Paste Username

Go to the Gapgram site and paste the copied username


Done ! Save Profile in HD

Click on Download in the displayed results

How It Works?

Everything you need to know about how to download an Instagram profile

You can download any Instagram profile picture in full HD quality with a few simple steps

To download on Android or iOS, you must enter the Instagram application and copy the Instagram username whose profile picture you want to download.

Then you have to paste the copied username in the field of the Gapgram site, and by pressing the search button, the profile picture will be displayed for you, and you can download the profile picture on iOS or Android.

Similarly, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, you must enter the Instagram website instead of the Instagram application and copy the username to download the profile.

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What is instagram profile saver ?

Maybe you have sometimes wanted to download your own or someone else's profile picture on Instagram, but it was not possible

Yes, this is Instagram's limitation for downloading images, which does not allow you to save and download Instagram profiles

We have created the Instagram profile downloader tool for you in Gapgram so that you can download profile pictures at any time and without restrictions on any device.

Why Gapgram Instagram profile saver ?

Maybe you have used the tools of online sites or applications to download profiles, but they are either not free or have severe limitations, in fact, most of them do not work and are broken.

Here we guarantee you that in addition to always being online, we will put the images with the best quality of 1080 pixels for download.

Is it reliable to download the profile picture ?

Of course ! You can download or view Instagram profile pictures secretly and there is no need to log in to your Instagram account or any other access


Some of our users have asked us questions about downloading and saving profile pictures from Instagram, and we have collected a collection of these questions and put them under the title of frequently asked questions along with their answers.

If you do not find your question, you can use the form. Contact us, get in touch with the support of Gapgram

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You can download your desired images in three steps

  1. Find and copy the Instagram profile username
  2. In the download section of the profile photo of gapgram, enter the user name and click search
  3. View the displayed profile picture or save it to your device

After searching for the Instagram username, the Instagram profile will be displayed in gapgram, under which there is a download button, by pressing this button, the Instagram profile picture will be automatically saved on your iPhone.

There is no need to do anything, the Gapgram site will show you all the images in full HD and you can download them

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