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Instagram Photo Downloader

How To Use instagram Photo Downloader?

Download Online Instagram Photos , Carousels , Albums [Full HD] - Gapgram

Save Instagram Photos in a few simple steps


Find & Copy Link

Copy the Instagram Photo share link


Paste Link

Go to the Gapgram site and paste the copied link


Done ! Save Photo in HD

Click on Download in the displayed results

How It Works?

Everything you need to know about how to download an Instagram Photos

Downloading Instagram Photo is very simple and with a few simple steps, you can download Instagram Photo with one click.

To download images of a post, you must copy its sharing address and enter the Gapgram site and the Instagram image download page

Then paste the copied link

Click on the search button to display the results for you

You can see or save all Instagram images from the results

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What is instagram Photo saver ?

Images on Instagram have always been popular and a large number of images are posted on Instagram daily, so it is natural for an Instagram user to want to download and save some images. To save Instagram images, you must use tools such as Gapgram to You can download Instagram images. Instagram does not allow you to download images

Gapgram receives and downloads high-quality Instagram images for free

Why should I download Instagram Photos from Gapgram ?

There are tools that already do this, but a few things set Gapgram apart

Gapgram is always online and does not need to log in to your Instagram account, and you can download your favorite images on all Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc. devices simply and with a few clicks.

Gapgram uses the latest Instagram methods and offers you real-size and high-quality images

You can download all types of Instagram album or single images

What kind of images can be downloaded?

You can download all kinds of images that you see on Instagram with the image download tool from Instagram, it doesn't matter whether your image is a single image or an Instagram album or an Instagram Carousels, in any case, we will download and save the images in full HD for you.


Some of our users have asked us questions about downloading and saving Photos from Instagram, and we have collected a collection of these questions and put them under the title of frequently asked questions along with their answers.

If you do not find your question, you can use the form. Contact us, get in touch with the support of Gapgram

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If you download the images with the Gapgram tool, they will be downloaded in real size and with high quality, which are mostly full HD

The format of the downloaded Instagram images is JPEG, so it is suitable for all Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices

It is instagarm IGTV, which is also known as Instagram TV

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