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Save Instagram Captions in a few simple steps


Find & Copy Link

Copy the Instagram Photo Or Video share link


Paste Link

Go to the Gapgram site and paste the copied link


Done ! Save Caption in HD

Click on Download in the displayed results

How It Works?

Everything you need to know about how to copy an Instagram Captions

Copying Instagram content captions is very easy with the Gapgram tool

To copy the caption of any image post (photo or video), you must first copy the sharing link of that media

Then post on the Gapgram site and choose the content of the caption from the displayed results and then copy it

Or you can use the copy button displayed in the results to copy all captions at once

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What is instagram Caption saver ?

Captions exist in all Instagram media and usually provide useful and appropriate explanations or have interesting texts that any person may need to copy these valuable content.

But Instagram doesn't allow you to copy Instagram captions directly, and you have to use tools like Gapgram to download and copy captions.

This tool helps you to easily copy Instagram captions

Why should I use the Gapgram tool for copying ?

There are not many suitable tools to download captions and Instagram does not directly allow anyone to copy captions, so the best suggestion is to use a free and strong tool like Gapgram to download captions.


Some of our users have asked us questions about copy and saving Captions from Instagram, and we have collected a collection of these questions and put them under the title of frequently asked questions along with their answers.

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You can download the captions of all types of posts, such as images or videos, such as normal single or album posts, or IGTV or Reels, with the help of this tool.

Yes, the Gapgram tool gives you the ability to copy only the content you want

Yes, Caption copy tool of Gapgram also copies hashtags and shows them to you


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