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Instagram Comment picker

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Add Multi With kama Ex : gapgram,instagram
instagram comment picker
Instagram Comment Picker ( Draw ) [ FREE ] - Gapgram

Instagram lottery in a few simple steps


Find & Copy Link

Copy the link of the post you want to draw


Check Settings

Make lottery settings


Done ! The winner has been determined

The winner will be determined from the loaded comments

How It Works?

Everything you need to know about how to instagram drawing

The lottery can be done from among the comments with a few simple steps

First, copy the link of the Instagram video or image (content) and put it in the first field of the Gapgram draw

Now you need to make the settings related to the lottery so that the eligible people are selected as winners in this lottery

  • Winner Count : Determines the number of winners
  • Should Mention User In Comment : These people must be present and mentioned in the text of the winner's comment
  • Mention Count : Instead of the above option, you can specify the minimum number of people who should be mentioned (it doesn't matter who they mentioned).
  • Should Have Hashtag In Comment : This hashtag must be present in the text of the comment
  • Should Have This Word In Comment :There must be this text or texts in mind

Note that you can enter multiple items at the same time with a comma for the above items

After setting, click on GetComment to load a list of Instagram comments

You can also prepare Excel output from these comments

Then, by pressing the show button, the lottery will be done and the winner or winners will be determined

If you want, you can click on the show winner button again to show new winners

Have Problem ? Check FAQ

What is instagram Comment pick ( instagram drawing ) ?

Lottery is a popular tool that you can load all the comments of a post on Instagram and apply settings so that the comments are filtered and a random person or people are automatically selected from among the comments, and you can do this action an unlimited number of times. do the

Also get Excel output from loaded winners and comments

Why should I download Instagram Photos from Gapgram ?

The draw tool for Instagram comments is always online and free, and you can draw for any number of comments for free without any restrictions.

This tool allows you to apply different and professional filters to separate useful comments and make a lottery among them.

How to export Instagram post comments?

You can load filtered comments by applying settings or do not apply settings to display all comments

From the list of comments displayed for you in the Gapgram lottery system, you can export Instagram comments to Excel


Some of our users have asked us questions about Instagram draw, and we have collected a collection of these questions and put them under the title of frequently asked questions along with their answers.

If you do not find your question, you can use the form. Contact us, get in touch with the support of Gapgram

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With the help of this tool, you can get Excel output from loaded comments

This act distinguishes us! You can draw unlimited times and there is no need to purchase a subscription

Lottery is more suitable for people who intend to choose people from selected comments

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