What are instagram Reels? And how can it be used?

It didn’t matter whether the Instagram pages were business or personal, sharing photos and videos with text, liking and commenting on other people’s content were the easiest things we could do when Instagram was first launched; But this application adds more options to its features from time to time.

One of the newest and of course the most attractive features that Instagram recently unveiled and made available to its users is Reels, which surprised them.

This feature allows us to create entertaining videos that attract more users.

In the following, we will discuss what Reels are and how they can be used.

What are Reels?

Reels are feature that this application added to its list of features in 2020.

The reels feature on Instagram allows users to create short, attractive and entertaining videos. In fact, the meaning of reel in Instagram is that it is possible to record videos of 15 to 90 seconds to which you can add sound, effects and music.

What is the difference between Reels and Post?

  • The difference between a regular video post and Reels is that you have a time limit for posting videos on Instagram. In the past, to post a video on Instagram, you could upload a 1-minute video. If the video was longer, the user had to upload it in a slide post, where each slide was 1 minute, and it was only possible to display a 10-minute video.
  • After that, Instagram introduced IGTV to compete with YouTube, where people could upload their videos up to 10 minutes long. But now with the advent of Instagram Reels, all videos are displayed as Reels. As a result, Reels video post brings more traffic to your page.
  • Today, every type of video is displayed as Reels. If your videos are more comprehensive than the content of Reels, it is better to upload it as a normal post and slide.
  • In addition, Reels videos are displayed vertically, if your video is horizontal, it is better to display them as a post and in several slides.

What is the difference between Stories and Instagram Reels?

Stories and reels on Instagram have differences that we will explain below :

  •  You can have more diverse tools to apply to your videos in Reels. More diverse effects and the tool to increase or decrease the speed of the video compared to the normal mode are among these features.
  • Reels content can be entered in the explore section. This means that those who don’t follow you can see your Reels videos. This will increase your followers.
  • You can publish Reels as a post on your own page in your posts feed.
  • The next difference is their storage location. Reels, like igtv, have a separate tab on the main page of the Instagram profile, and like stories, they do not disappear after 24 hours.

How can we record Reels on Instagram?

There are three ways to use Reels on Instagram:

 1. Tap the + sign in the upper left corner of your software, then select the Reel option.

instagram add story

 2. Tap the + sign in the bottom bar of your screen, then select Reel from the bottom.

instagram add media

 3. Wherever you are on your page, swipe your finger once from left to right to enter the Reel section.

instagram take photo

All these methods will make the Instagram camera open and ready to record. Now find the reels option from the bottom of this section and click on it.

Now make a 15 to 90 seconds video. Note that if you stop the video before the allotted time is up, you can make another clip to fill out the remaining time.

How to edit the Reels?

After your video is finished, you can edit it. This is similar to editing a story. At this stage, you can delete any part of the video you don’t like or edit your video with text or emoji.

Also, by clicking on the microphone icon, you can add your voice while recording the video. In this way, you will be sure that the sound and the image are in sync.

You can put music on your clip and mix it with your voice by activating the music option.

instagram take photo options


How to save Reels on Instagram page?

Finally, for sharing your video as a reels,you can choose a suitable cover for that from your phone gallery. The size of reels covers on Instagram is similar to the IGTV cover.

It is also better to consider a content-related name for your reels. Write a caption for it and by clicking on next, you can publish it at the end.

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