How to zoom Instagram profile pictures ?

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Instagram, which is a large social network, has many contacts and users.

It has definitely happened to you that you want to view the Instagram profile pictures of friends or famous people in a larger size so that you can see more details.

But Instagram didn’t give you this permission, and now we are here to help you to easily see profile pictures in large size, zoom, or see them secretly with two methods.

  1. Using the Instagram application (updated versions)
  2. Using online tools


method 1: using the Instagram application to zoom Instagram profile pictures


There are some limitations for you in this method, be sure to note that you must update your Instagram application from the App Store or Google Play.
  1.  First, update your Instagram application
  2. Open the Instagram profile of the person whose profile you want to download
  3. Hold on the person’s profile picture for a few seconds and then release it, and his Instagram profile will zoom

Note that if the person has a story, this method will not work and the stories will be opened by holding on the profile
So in this case you should use the second method

method 2: using third-party tools

If the first method did not work for you or if you have a limitation in this field, you can easily view and zoom the profile picture in 1080p with one click using third-party tools such as gapgram.

For this, just enter the page below

Then by entering the Instagram username of the person whose profile you want to download, you can easily see or save the profile picture

In this method, there is no limit for you, and you can easily view and download the profiles of private Instagram pages

You can also see how to use this tool in the video below

I hope this content is useful for you

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