How To Send a disappearing photo or video on Instagram [ New Method ]

Send View Once (disappearing) Photo or Video on Instagram And what is the difference between view once and allow reply

Some of the messages we send on Instagram do not need to remain permanent, and we may want to delete them for various reasons, including personal images or videos.
Of course, you can do this manually and delete the message by holding each message in Instagram Direct and clicking on “Cancel Send”.
But this may take time and you don’t know when to delete the message

What is disappearing photo or video on Instagram ?

In this article, we will teach you how to display your images or videos on Instagram only once
This is done automatically by Instagram, and your audience will not be able to repost or download your photos or videos after seeing them on Instagram.
This is suitable for sending images and videos that you want to be displayed only once and then permanently deleted


How to Send View Once Photo or Video on Instagram ?

It’s time to teach you how you can send your pictures in this safe mode on Instagram Direct

Follow the steps according to the instructions and pictures

1-  open direct (dm) on instagram

2- click on send photo on instagram dm

instagram dm

3- now you have two option for select photo

  1. Take a new photo
  2. Choose an image from the gallery

I have specified both methods in the image below

4- After selecting the image, the following page will appear,At the end of the page, next to the send button, choose the option you want according to the description below

allow reply on instagram dm



After clicking on the specified section, the options will change for you, which I have described below

What is Allow Reply On Instagram Direct ( dm ) ?

When you set the type of image or video sent in Instagram Direct to Allow Reply, in fact, the image or video you send can be displayed at most twice, the user can view it with one click and see the replay by clicking again.
After that, the image will be deleted from your direct

allow reply on instagram dm - small

What is View Once On Instagram Direct ( dm ) ?

When you set the type of image or video sent in Instagram Direct to View Once the images or video you send in Instagram Direct in this mode will be visible only once.
And after viewing your image or video once, it will be deleted automatically

view once on instagram dm

What is Keep In Chat On Instagram Direct ( dm ) ?

When you set the type of image or video to be sent in Instagram Direct, your images will remain in Direct forever.
Your video or image will never be deleted automatically every time you view it
If you want to delete this message
You can delete the message manually any time you like by holding on the message and selecting the cancel sending option


keep in chat on instagram dm

Finally, you have simply been able to manage the number of replays of your video or images on Instagram Direct, and you can trust this automatic Instagram deletion system.

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