How To Recover Deactived/Disabled Instagram Account [ 100% Working – in a few hours]

Instagram is an extensive social network with a large audience; maybe, you are part of this great social network.
Some problems may arise for your account as well.
One of the problems that arise with Instagram accounts is the problem of Deactive or Disabling Instagram accounts.

You may see the following errors when logging in or using an account.

  • your account has been disabled for violating our terms
  • your account deactived

Or errors like this

Why does Instagram disable your account?

In short, if you do not comply with your Instagram rules, your account may be blocked, but sometimes your account will be mistakenly blocked. Because the compliance of the rules is done with the robots

  • Posting Video and Photos that doesn’t follow the Instagram community guidelines Or terms of use (Illegal activities, Nudity, Graphic violence, etc)
  • Using third-party programs (e.g. increment Instagram like and follower programs)
  • Spam ( Massive comments or Fallas or write malicious comments (
  • Etc.


Of course, Instagram usually does not state the reason for disabling your account, only with a text display such as

Your Instagram Account Has Been Disable for Violating Our Terms:

Will tell you that your account has been disabled due to non-compliance

How do I know my Instagram account is disabled?

As we said, Instagram may display a message for you when you log in or use your account.
Of course not any message! Only if you see a message similar to the one below, it means that your account has been blocked by Instagram

This message will be displayed if your Instagram is disabled

How to Recovery Disabled ( Deatived ) account Step by Step

Enough other explanations! If you have had a similar situation, we know how to solve your problem.

No need to worry; return your deactivated Instagram account in a few hours!

Method 1 – Recovery disabled page in the Instagram app

If you use the Instagram application, this is very simple

Just click on the “Learn More” button in the message that will be displayed to you (as shown in the image) to submit the appeal, and it’s simple.

Restore disabled Instagram page from the application

And after a few hours, your request will be checked, if there is no problem, your Instagram account will be activated, and you can enter your Instagram account.Restore disabled Instagram page from the application And after a few hours, your request will be checked, if there is no problem, your Instagram account will be activated, and you can enter your Instagram account.

Method 2 – submit a review request from the form to recovry the disabled page

Instagram has created a form to request a review.
You can send your request to Instagram support by completing this form so that they can check the status of your Instagram page.

Instagram review form – click to open

Please be careful in filling out the form; the return of your Instagram page directly depends on the information you fill in this form.
Please fully explain to Instagram support what your problem is and that you have never broken Instagram’s rules.
After registering the form, an email will be sent to you indicating that your request has been successfully received.
In the received email, they may ask you for information to make sure that you are the owner of this page.

Instagram asked me to attach my picture in the email

After registering a support request on the Instagram site, Instagram experts usually ask you to attach a picture with handwritten text to ensure that this page belongs to you.
But how should we send these images?

Instagram sent you a code in the same email and asked you to write this code by hand on a piece of paper and send its image.
To do this, you must first write the code sent to you in the email and even your Instagram username (if you were asked to write your username in the email) in a large size so that it can be read on paper. write
Then hold this paper in front of your chest so that your face is visible and the text on the paper is legible.
Now take a picture of yourself in such a way that the paper and your complete image are in the frame.
Attach this image in reply to the Instagram email and send
After a few hours, Instagram will email you the result
If you have followed the steps correctly, your account will be activated

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments section, and we will answer you

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