How To Fix there was a problem with your request on Instagram

Sometimes you may also have encountered the message “there was a problem with your request” but you do not know the reason for this error and are very confused.

In this post, we will tell you the solution to this problem, so if you also have this problem on Instagram, just read this post step by step to solve your problem.

The reason for the error here was a problem with your request

It should be said that this is a general error on the part of Instagram, which can have many reasons.
Instagram does not clearly state the reason for this error
The reason for this error may be the problem of connecting to the Internet, or even your account being disabled
In any case, we will clarify the solution for you in this post

Solving the problem there was a problem with your request

Solving the problem “there was a problem with your request”

If you also see a message similar to the image below, this is your problem and we will help you

there was a problem with your request instagram error

1- Update Instagarm

The first thing you need to do to solve the problem is to update Instagram to the latest version.
To update Instagram on Android, enter Google Play and search for the name of Instagram and click on Instagram from the results and press the update button.
Furthermore, to update Instagram on iPhone, enter the App Store and search for the name of Instagram and update Instagram from the displayed results.
Sometimes this problem may arise due to the use of very old versions, so you can easily solve this problem by updating Instagram.

2- reinstall instagram

Saving some data on Instagram may cause this application to display an error
So you have to clear the application data
If you are familiar with Clear Data, then do this, otherwise, it will be easier for you to uninstall and reinstall

3- Temporary Disable Instagram Account

Your problem should probably be solved in the above steps. However, if the problems are still not solved, you can solve this problem by temporarily deactivating your account and reactivating it again.
In this link ( Click Here ) , we have taught you how to deactivate your account temporarily and permanently.

After deactivating your account according to the tutorial above, you can re-enter your Instagram account by entering your username and password.

4- Check that your account is not disabled

If the above solutions are still not useful, search for your username with another Instagram account and make sure you can find your account.
If you cannot find your account, it means that your account has been deactivated.
In this link (Click Here) , we have taught you how to get your disabled account back.

5- reset factory

If you still do not have access to your account, you may need to reset your phone to factory settings.
This will delete all your data and Instagram, but your account access will be restored.
Of course, this is not recommended, although you may have to do it.


If you cannot log into your account and solve your problems, write your problem in the comments so that our experts can solve your problem.

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